Filmed at Digiday Publishing Summit in Vail, Colorado, we cast select publishers in a series that is part travel video, part narrative, and wholly distinctive.


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The Assignment, the engagement analytics platform for publishers, approached Custom with a standard industry request — a talking head series filmed on site at a Digiday event. Having studied more than enough low budget footage of bloviators in blue button-downs, we set out to create a high quality series that the company’s small marketing team could mine for months to come.

The Approach

Anyone can film a talking head in front of a step and repeat. But with the Digiday Publishing Summit booked in Vail, Colorado, we decided on a more ambient approach that read more like a vibrant series of travel videos than a lecture on KPIs.

First, we sourced speakers we knew would have interesting things to say on the topics that aligned’s mission, then we recruited a Tribeca Award Winning documentary film crew for our 72-hour turn-around.

Once on location, our team scouted unique locations in the ski town that were “on-brand” for each of our featured speakers. For SheKnows CRO, Samantha Skey, we uncovered a private club in the style of a Swiss chalet. For British ex-pat Freddie Gondry, a rock and roll pub. Following a day-long shoot, our team edited overnight and debuted the first two videos at the event, and third on site a week later.

Our videos were showcased in's native high-impact unit, a format designed to attract readers with sight, sound, motion and compelling content.

We cast high-level marketing and media executives who had something interesting to say and said it with personality.


Our bespoke approach to’s content, distributed via high-impact ads on and via their own channels, drew more than 270,000 views. More importantly, the engagement kept on giving, as distributed the videos across their website and social platforms.

“I’m continuously impressed with every single piece of work done by the Custom team for,” said VP of marketing Clare Carr. “They listen to our goals and marry them with the needs and interests of our potential audience, a benefit that I find only comes from working with an in-house content agency.”


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