Nick Friese is the founder and CEO of Digiday Media, a global media company dedicated to rethinking and reshaping the business of media and content. Under his leadership, Digiday Media was named one of Fast Company’s top ten most innovative media companies in the world, Inc Magazine’s fastest growing companies in 2013, 2014, and 2015, and named one of the fastest growing businesses in NYC.


Deanna Zammit is Custom’s executive producer. She’s a trained journalist with 10 years’ experience who righteously abhors the passive voice. Over the past four years at Digiday, she helped business brands feel more human (an act that will inevitably lead to the rise of the machines). Just don’t judge her by her Spotify playlist; she swears she’s teaching her kids all about old-school hip hop.


Jimmy Duran is Custom’s design director. As a young kid Jimmy was fascinated by colors, shapes, and how we perceive the world around us, so fine arts seemed like a perfect fit. That path eventually drove him to discover the world of advertising. After a long career in the industry of working with many highly creative agencies across the world and being recognized multiple times by some of its most prestigious awards, he decided to step in a different direction and has seized the design reins at Custom. His motto? “Creativity can solve any problem in life,” and that’s a fact.


David Amrani is Custom’s director of strategy and special projects. A writer by training, his background in sociology and media and his obsession with the confluence of art and technology lead him down some pretty weird paths and into plenty of unconventional solutions.

Paul Borselli leads Digiday Media's sales team. Paul has spent more than 18 years in marketing roles with 5 Fortune 100 brands including Macy’s, Comcast, Cellular One, Verizon Wireless, and The Walt Disney Company. Paul also has worked in all 4 audience segments that Digiday Media reaches: brands, agencies, media and marketing tech platforms.

Evan DeSimone is a senior digital media writer for Custom. He’s written about online video, digital publishing, business, and technology as a reporter for VideoInk and AList Daily. His work has also appeared on The Daily Dot, The Awl, and The Billfold.


Joe Geoghan is Custom’s junior art director. He’s a photographer, designer, audio engineer, motion graphics artist and relentless coffee-tinkerer. When he’s not neck-deep in the Creative Cloud, Joe likes to build custom PCs, find the best char siu, and roll around on the floor with his corgi Baylee.

Chen Shao is Custom’s assistant strategist. Coming from a background in finance, she hung up her corporate America hat and traded it for a role in the creative industry. When she’s not working on the next campaign, she’s scoping out the New York music scene by going to concerts or planning her next trip.

Lucia Morris is the coordinator at Custom. She hails from South Florida, where she grew up with her twin and over forty turtles/tortoises. She loves social media, considers herself an influencer and loves cherry-flavored anything.

Adonis Vasquez is Custom’s project manager. He is a former UX architect who has a deep fascination with turning chaos into order. When he is away from his computer he is coaching NYU’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu club and finding the best places to eat in the East Village.