The Enthusiast Network

The Enthusiast Network wanted to communicate the value of its audience—young men passionate about their pursuits and with money to spend. We seized on the groundswell of interest surrounding millennials to examine truisms about the cohort and build out profiles of the "enthusiasts" among them. This info graphic seized the zeitgeist, garnering more than 10,000 shares.

Visual IQ

Tracking the consumer journey is complicated. We decided to add warmth to a topic that too often overlooks the human element in favor of touch points and data. Our infographic richly illustrates a winter scene that shows consumers interaction with a brand is sometimes long and winding. 


Influencers drive more campaigns than ever before. But there's so much more to finding your perfect influencer match than the size of their following. Viacom Velocity asked us to put together content that communicated their unique, data-backed methods for pairing clients with the influencers who carry their message further than the network itself.